How to learn Coding

How to learn Coding

This is an overall guide. For individual pages on specific languages/libraries check out

1. Free Code Camp

Visit and use it to learn HTML, CSS, JS, and Python. Along with tutorials on ML

2. Youtube

Check out free code camp's and edureka's youtube channel and find cool projects and technologies to learn for free in hands-on courses

Free Code Camp:


Bonus: Check out

3. The Odin Project for JS

Visit and check it out to learn the one and only JavaScript

4. For react:

5. Stack Overflow

Have questions or any problems with your code. The one and only destination to check out the worldwide coding community. Take some time to familiarize yourself with this. It will be your best friend in this journey

6. Experiment and build projects

A lot of people fall into the trap of just doing courses and nothing self-guided and by themselves. Experiment and try to build projects. Use stack over flow for help.