How to learn No Code

How to learn No Code

1. Setting goals

Why do you want to learn to no code. Just set an initial goal to get started and you can always change goals later. It can be to build a solo project or a startup mvp or just about anything. This will help you choose the right no code tool stack to use.

2. Learn no-code tools

The simplest way to get started? Below is a list of essential tools to learn in whatever you are trying to build.

  • Notion: The single most useful tool that will be used by you. Get started by experimenting with it and check out this page to learn about the various blocks present in Notion.
  • Zapier or Integromat: Automation tools. Get started by checking out zapier academy here and Integromat here
  • Carrd for creating simple one-pager simple websites for anything

Other tools to check out:

  1. Airtable for setting custom databases and useful in building lots of stuff like directories and more using tools like and
  2. Memberstack  for membership sites
  3. Webflow for building powerful websites
  4. Appgyver for building web apps and react native code using no code.

3. Build and Ship